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Does Hair Spray Clog Your Hair Follicles & Lead To Hair Loss?

Does Hair Spray Clog Your Hair Follicles & Lead To Hair Loss?

Does Hair Spray Clog Your Hair Follicles & Lead To Hair Loss?

We’ve all heard the age-old advice to avoid using too much hair spray since it supposedly clogs hair follicles and can cause hair loss.

Is there any truth to this common belief, or is it simply an urban legend? In this article, we’ll separate reality from myth by delving into the science of hair sprays and their impact on hair follicles.

The hair spray dilemma

For decades, hair sprays have been a staple in the world of hairstyling. They are used to set hairstyles, create volume, and offer a long-lasting grip. However, there is a persistent notion that applying hair spray could clog hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Let’s take a closer look at this claim.

Clogging hair follicles: Fact or fiction?

The claim that hair spray clogs hair follicles is mostly a misconception. Hair follicles are tiny openings in the skin that produce hair, and they are not typically susceptible to clogging from hair spray.

Hair spray is mostly composed of polymers, solvents, and propellants that are intended to form a flexible film on the hair shaft in order to maintain the hairdo in place. These ingredients are not meant to enter the scalp or clog the hair follicles.

However, it is important to remember that overuse of hair spray, as well as the use of low-quality solutions containing harsh chemicals, can cause dryness, breakage, or damage to the hair shaft. While this type of damage does not immediately obstruct hair shafts, it can weaken hair and make it more prone to breakage and hair loss.

Preventing hair loss

If you’re worried about hair loss, there are several things you can do to keep your scalp and hair healthy, including:

  • Proper hair care: Using high-quality hair care products and sticking to a regular hair care routine will help maintain your hair in good condition.
  • Scalp massage: Gently massaging the scalp helps increase blood flow to the hair follicles, boosting hair growth.
  • Balanced diet: A well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly those connected to hair health, can help to maintain strong and healthy hair.
  • Stress reduction: Reducing stress can help prevent hair loss, as stress can lead to a variety of hair-related disorders.
  • Professional treatments: To address particular hair loss issues, seek guidance and treatments from a professional aesthetic clinic such as The Clifford Clinic.


In conclusion, the belief that hair spray clogs hair follicles and leads to hair loss is largely a myth. While excessive use or poor-quality products can damage your hair and make it more susceptible to breakage, hair sprays themselves do not directly clog hair follicles.

To maintain a healthy head of hair, it’s essential to practice good hair care, follow a balanced diet, and manage stress. If you are concerned about hair loss, consider seeking professional advice and treatment options, such as those provided by The Clifford Clinic. Remember, the health of your hair is essential, and it’s never too late to take action to protect and maintain it.

Combat hair loss for good with The Clifford Clinic

For those in search of comprehensive solutions to combat hair loss and regain their confidence, The Clifford Clinic presents a diverse array of advanced treatments.

If you’re considering a hair transplant in Singapore, our Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is a standout choice. In this procedure, individual follicular units, each containing two to three hair strands, are meticulously extracted. What sets FUE apart is its minimal scarring, making it a preferred option for those who wish to don shorter hairstyles without worrying about conspicuous scars.

For those seeking a cutting-edge alternative, our Regenera Activa Hair Transplant is a remarkable choice. This method employs capillary regeneration technology to address hair loss and accelerate hair regrowth by utilizing hair follicles harvested from the patient’s own scalp. It effectively curbs, decelerates, and halts hair loss.

Another innovative option is our Thulium Laser Treatment. This hair loss laser treatment stimulates the anagen phase of hair follicles, prompting the growth of thicker, more robust hair compared to the hair follicles’ natural output. The laser activation invigorates the scalp, fostering enhanced hair growth.

In addition to these treatments, our Bellasonic Treatment offers a novel approach to combat hair loss. This ultrasonic treatment device is designed to boost epidermal cell regeneration, with a particular focus on cells crucial for hair formation. Bellasonic penetrates the skin with high-frequency ultrasound ranging from 1 to 10 MHz, triggering vital components in the healing process such as heat shock proteins (HSPs) and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). This therapy enhances blood circulation and oxygenation in treated areas, facilitating hair growth and reducing hair loss.

For more information on these cutting-edge treatments, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Your journey to combating hair loss and restoring your confidence begins with The Clifford Clinic.