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Do hair supplements really work for hair loss?

Do hair supplements really work for hair loss?

With so many competing views on the efficacy of hair loss supplements, do they work and are they the best treatment option for us?

Many prefer hair vitamins and hair loss supplements because they are typically drug-free and they are a non-invasive form of treatment. In addition, they can be consumed quickly and are packed with a wide variety of vitamins that manufacturers say can promote hair growth, thickness and shine.

Hair vitamins mainly help with hair regrowth for those who are experiencing hair loss due to a vitamin deficiency. However, they are not effective for hair loss that are a result of other causes.

The World Hair Council has found that while a vitamin deficiency can indeed disrupt the normal Hair Growth Cycle and cause hair loss, such cases are rare, with less than 2% of hair loss cases caused by a vitamin deficiency.

A large majority of us would already have sufficient vitamins from our daily diet. Therefore, for most of us, hair vitamins may not be the most effective form of treatment for our hair loss.
Hair loss supplements could be an effective solution, however, most do not treat the underlying causes of hair loss. Therefore, it is important to look for a hair supplement that treats the underlying cause of hair loss and select one that has gone through years of extensive research and clinical studies to prove its safety and efficacy.

Common root causes of hair loss

In order to effectively target the root cause and find the right type of treatment, we need to understand the common causes of hair loss.

These various underlying factors individually or in combination, contribute to the development of hair loss:

1. Intense or sudden stress
2. Hereditary hair loss
3. Pregnancy and childbirth
4. Hormonal changes (e.g. during irregular menstration or menopause)
5. Diet (e.g. severe or rapid weight loss due to dieting)
6. Medication (e.g. chemotherapy)

Types of hair vitamins and supplements available

There are many hair vitamins that can be purchased in stores and online, such as vitamins and biotin supplements. Vitamin B derivates (e.g. Vitamin B1, B2, B3 etc.) form a major part of these vitamins and biotin supplements.

Such vitamins are typically not extensively tested and do not provide any real or proper lasting clinical results for hair loss. The World Hair Council has done a meta-analysis of clinical studies on vitamin B products and have documented and published that existing major hair vitamin B products work no better than placebo – meaning that in principle it shows no effect.

Hair loss supplements can be bought in stores and online. Again, they could be very effective if they treat the main causes of hair loss.

Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy – an effective hair loss treatment

There’s a good reason why hair vitamins and most hair supplements have proven to be ineffective or have low efficacy in treating hair loss in both the short and long term.
Scientific research has found that hair loss and hair growth disruptions can be explained by a ‘lower than normal’ concentration of specific proteoglycans that causes degradation in our hair follicles – this is known as Proteoglycan Follicular Atrophy (PFA).

As we continue to age, the concentration of proteoglycans in our hair follicle decreases and it makes our hair more susceptible to breakage and hair fall.

In order to strengthen and provide a healthy environment for our hair to grow, a type of treatment called Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy (PRT) is needed. By utilising PRT, which is rich in specific proteoglycans, the hair follicles can be induced back into the growing phase, leading to increased hair growth and hair quality.

Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, with the unique, proprietary Marilex®-P, is a scientifically developed PRT formulated to support normal healthy hair growth by addressing PFA, which is an underlying cause of almost all cases of hair growth disruptions, no matter the cause or type.

This PRT by Nourkrin® is backed by more than 30 years of clinical development and is effective for both men and women. It is safe, 100% drug free and there have been no known side effects in more than 30 years of brand history.

8 out of 10 users saw a significant improvement after taking Hair Growth+ inCLINIC – so yes, it works!

I’m concerned as my hair loss is getting worse, who can I reach out to?

It is good to visit a doctor to seek professional advice regarding your hair concerns.

Besides Hair Growth+ inCLINIC, The Clifford Clinic also offer other hair loss treatments such as Regenera Activa, which is an innovative approach to hair revitalization. This procedure makes use of regeneration technology which induces the body’s natural regenerative process to promote hair growth and combat hair loss.

This procedure has been extensively researched, supported by multiple clinical studies and is suitable for almost everyone. The entire procedure lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, and only one session is required to see results.

The Clifford Clinic also houses the Fraxel 1927 Hair laser system that can help combat hair loss. As compared to the traditional laser hair cup one can find online, our doctors can customize the laser setting to your scalp condition and perform the laser on your scalp. The Fraxel laser system helps to stimulate hair growth by encouraging the hair to enter the growth phase.

Another technology that The Clifford Clinic houses involves the use of ultrasound to aid in the fight against hair loss. The system is called Bellasonic Hair treatment. The ultrasound delivered from the system is able to create what is known as the cavitation effect to deliver hair nutrients/medications into the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. As compared to traditional hair therapy that involves the application of products onto the hair only, Bellasonic is able to deliver products not only onto the hair itself, but also directly into the scalp. Furthermore, Bellasonic is a pain-free and comfortable procedure.

Book an appointment with our hair doctors today to discuss what’s suitable for you!

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