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Different Active Acne Treatment Options

Acne Treatment

Different Active Acne Treatment Options

Except for a lucky few, most of us would have battled acne some point of time. Teenage acne, usually taking place during puberty, or adult acne are dermatological nuisances that pester about 70% of the global population. Many find themselves at their wit’s end when dealing with this seemingly indefatigable opponent to our skin, looks and self-confidence.

Over the counter topical creams, antibiotics and facials are the most commonly suggested aids in your battle against acne. However, visiting dedicated dermatologists may provide you with new treatment options to solve your acne problem. This article looks at several acne treatment methods that might just be the cure you are looking for.


Hydrafacial takes your typical, beauty centre facial and brings it to a whole new acne-fighting level. It uses ‘vortex technology’ to exfoliate, clean deep within your pores and hydrate. Your dead skin cells along with blackheads and whiteheads that may congest and block your pores, and result in severe inflamed acne, are removed in this process. As the last step, your skin’s surface will be saturated with antioxidants and peptides to nourish and protect your skin.

This medical-level facial can be used in tandem with Alphalight. Alphalight takes advantage of the aftermath of a Hydrafacial, using photodynamic therapy to kill acne-causing bacteria deep within our skin. You can expect to see your acne’s redness and inflammation reducing immediately after treatment.

Laser Treatments

In Singapore, laser treatments for acne are a fantastic option to help you combat active acne. Most laser treatments are associated with acne scars, but laser treatments to eradicating active acne are also available. Laser treatments can be used to treat both face and back acne.

Laser treatment, like the Q-switch and VBeam lasers, can be adjusted to generate light of different wavelengths to serve specific purposes. At certain wavelengths, the lasers target Propionibacterium Acnes, or the P. acne bacterium that inhabits our skin and is one of the primary causes of acne breakouts. Laser treatment can also target inflamed blood vessels surrounding the affected areas, reducing recovery time and potential for scarring.

Treating active with lasers is one of the more quicker treatment methods, as a session can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Down time, or recovery time, is also minimal.

AGNES Treatment

Another variant of laser treatment, AGNES treatment works to address the root cause of acne: hyperactive sebaceous glands and acne prone follicles. After identifying key problem areas, the offending sebaceous glands are treated with radiofrequency energy to selectively shrunk its size and prevent recurrent acne. This reduces the ability of the oil gland to produce oil and cause pores to be congested and inflamed, leading to acne.

AGNES treatment originated in Korea and is one of the newest forms of acne treatment in Singapore. It is especially helpful for those suffering from adult acne, especially if acne outbreaks repeatedly happen in the same area.

To conclude, acne treatment options in Singapore go far beyond just topical treatments and antibiotics. Laser treatments and medical-grade facials offer an alternative for a possible long term solution to recurrent adult acne.

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