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The Clifford Clinic’s Relocation Announcement in January 2023

The Clifford Clinic is excited to announce that we will soon be upgrading to a larger space that is just a minute’s long walk away from our current location at Clifford Centre due to Clifford Centre’s redevelopment. Starting from January 2023, The Clifford Clinic will begin operation at our new location at Singapore Land Tower […]
Your Guide To Fuller Eyebrows With FUE Hair Transplant

Your Guide To Fuller Eyebrows With FUE Hair Transplant

Due to the sheer functions they serve, eyebrows are among the most noticeable facial features of an average person’s face. They can alter one’s appearance by assisting in shaping the face, accentuating the eyes, and playing an overall significant role in communication. Furthermore, well-defined brows are key for making an individual look more youthful by […]
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Nose Filler VS Thread Lift

Author: Dr Branden Seow For the longest time, surgical treatment to enhance or reshape the nose, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, has remained the only option for most patients who desire to remodel their nose. Eventually, nose filler became popular for patients who do not want to undergo a surgery to remodel their nose and nose […]
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Bring Out Your Inner Glow: A Guide to Laser Skin Resurfacing

As the body’s largest organ, our skin is constantly under attack from both internal and external factors—whether it be from sun exposure, environmental pollutants or the natural ageing process. Over time, this starts to take a major toll on our skin, and what was once clear, smooth and supple is now starting to look dull, […]

The Clifford Clinic Is Now Open in Phase 1

The Clifford Clinic is pleased to announce that we are now open in Phase 1. As one of the first Aesthetics and Dermatology clinics to resume services after 2 months of closure from Circuit Breaker measures, we are more than glad to serve you. You are now welcome to visit us for acne treatments, skin […]
How to prevent breakouts when wearing face masks

How To Prevent Breakouts When Wearing Face Masks

The common skin problems associated with wearing masks, how to avoid skin irritation and how to care for your skin. COMMON SKIN PROBLEMS FOR DIFFERENT SKIN TYPES Those with hyper-oily skin can also experience more frequent acne, including “clogged pores, inflamed red papules, pustules and in severe cases, nodules and cysts”. Another issue he has […]

Lumps, Nodules and Cysts Around the Ears

Lump, cysts and nodules can form around the ear for various reasons. Some of these causes may include congenital defects like preauricular sinuses, or acquired conditions like sebaceous cysts, lipoma or enlarged lymph nodes. These lumps can come in different shapes, sizes, textures, and may be tender to touch or completely painless. Generally, most of […]
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Teleconsultation services at The Clifford Clinic

In response to the Circuit Breaker measures in Singapore to combat the spread of COVID-19, The Clifford Clinic is now offering teleconsultations and online sales of prescription medications to better serve our patients. What is teleconsultation? Fundamentally, a teleconsultation is simply just a video call/conference between you, the patient and our doctors. Following the consultation, […]
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Bye Bye Tiger Stripes: A Guide On Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Whether you call them ugly scars or tiger stripes – it is hard to ignore the linear streaks on our skin that can be unflattering whenever we look in the mirror. Medically known as striae – stretch marks are essentially tears on the skin that appear due to sudden weight gain or rapid growth. Some […]
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Getting Your Ideal Nose Shape Without the Risk of Surgery

Traditionally, rhinoplasty (or surgical nose job) and nose fillers have been the options for nose augmentation. There are recent trends and new technologies that are seeing a shift from fillers and surgeries, and moving towards nose threadlifts. Also known as Hiko nose threadlifts, this procedure is also popular due to the improved safety profile. What […]