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Nose Thread Vs Fillers – Either/Or, Or Both? And What Is The Difference?

Nose Thread Vs Fillers – Either/Or, Or Both? And What Is The Difference?

Nose thread lifts and nose fillers are rapidly gaining popularity as non-surgical alternatives for traditional rhinoplasty. Cosmetic rhinoplasty, commonly know as a “nose job”, is a type of plastic surgery that alters the shape of the nose, nose threads and fillers are thus considered a form of non-invasive rhinoplasty. If you clicked on this post, […]
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PDO, PLLA Or PCL: Which Is Best For Hiko Nose Thread Lift?

Being at the centre of our face, the nose is an important feature that can accentuate the rest of our facial features. In most people of East-Asian and Southeast-Asian descent, however, it is not uncommon for the nose to be small, flat and have a low nose bridge. This can result in a face that […]
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Surgical Vs Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: Which One Is For You?

Being the centrepiece on our faces, our noses are probably the first or second feature that people notice when they look at us. That being said, altering or enhancing the shape, size and location of our nose can completely transform our appearance. Unfortunately, Asians are known for having a lower nose bridge, a wider base […]

Nose Fillers Vs Nose Threadlift: What Are The Differences?

Non-surgical nose jobs like nose fillers and nose threadlifts are some of the most sought-after aesthetic procedures, as a nose with a well-defined outline can accentuate the rest of the facial features for a more pleasing appearance. While both nose fillers and nose threadlifts can do the job, they each have some distinct features that […]
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Treading On Thin Ice: Why Your Nose Thread Lift Did NOT Work

There’s no need to cake your face with pounds of makeup with nose thread lifts – a revolutionary non-surgical procedure that can help patients achieve the “perfect” nose. It is not uncommon to see many Asians undergoing nose enhancement procedures to correct a flat or low nose bridge and upturned (over-rotated) nose tip that is […]
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5 Popular Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures You Probably Didn’t Know of

We all want to look and feel our best but many people want to avoid surgery at all costs. Fortunately, there are some great options and non-invasive cosmetic procedures that don’t require surgery. Some of these procedures are as follows: Botox Botox therapy is one of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures available in the […]

A New Nose by the New Year with Nose Threadlift

A new nose by the New Year? You may want to consider one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in Asia: the nose threadlift. The Clifford Clinic answers some frequently asked questions to help you decide if it’s for you. How does a nose threadlift work? This non-surgical treatment makes use of special PDO (polydixanone) […]
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Is the Nose Thread Lift for you?

You don’t need to go under the knife to have a sharper, more defined nose. The nose thread lift is a short 15-minute procedure that just needs local anesthesia and can be done in the comfortable interiors of The Clifford Clinic. Why do people ask for a nose threadlift? More and more people are looking […]