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Getting Rid Of Dark Eye Circles: A Useful How-To Guide

Getting Rid Of Dark Eye Circles: A Useful How-To Guide

Do you often find that people seem to be always asking you if you are feeling tired? If so, chances are it is because they notice the dark circles under your eyes! While dark eye circles generally do not pose any threat to your health or well-being, they can make you appear tired or even […]
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Ptosis Surgery Correction in Singapore

Author: Dr Branden Seow Ptosis is a medical term to describe a condition when the upper eyelid droops over the eye. As a result, patients can experience a reduction in vision. Patients can also find it difficult to keep the eyes open and feel the eye strain from increased effort to raise the eyelid to […]

How to Remove Eye Bags

Nobody likes eye bags. Eye bags make us appear lethargic and older than we really are. And way too often, eye bags just don’t get better with either sleep or diet and may even get worse as one ages. At The Clifford Clinic, we present the surgical and non-surgical eye bag treatments to address your […]
Dark Circles: Causes And Solutions For An Invigorated Look

Dark Circles: Causes And Solutions For An Invigorated Look

Sometimes, it’s inevitable we have to burn the midnight oil to finish a project required for school or work. For most of us, getting the recommended eight hours of sleep is a luxury, and hence, it isn’t uncommon to see the presence of “panda eyes.” Dark undereye circles can be identified by a large, round […]

Is Eye Bag Removal Permanent?

Eye bags are a very common problem in the present society, as the fast-paced lifestyle accelerates aging processes which promote their formation. Fortunately, eye bag removal procedures are well-established, from surgical approaches like the scarless eye bag removal surgery to non-surgical approaches like AGNES and Secret RF. However, many people are concerned about the longevity […]
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Getting Rid Of Under-Eye Baggage: What You Need To Know

These days, getting eight hours of sleep is considered a rare occurrence. As a result, most of us are paying the price of sleepless nights manifested in the form of dark eye circles and under-eye bags that make us look dull, tired and older than we actually are. While it is commonly understood that dark […]

How long does double eyelid surgery / stitching last?

Double eyelid surgery is among one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures. Currently, there are 2 main approaches to surgically create double eyelids: Incisional Upper Blepharoplasty – the cutting approach and Double Suture and Twist (DST) – the stitching approach. Both of these procedures have their own features and are both popular. Nevertheless, plastic […]

How Do I Know if I Have Eyelid Ptosis?

Tired and listless eyes can make one significantly older than they actually are. In many cases, this look is a result of Upper Blepharoptosis, or simply “ptosis”, a condition causing the upper eyelid to droop down over the eyes, making one look sleepy and inattentive. It can also significantly obstruct vision as patients struggle to […]

Should I remove my eye bags surgically or non-surgically?

Eye bags are practically synonymous with the tired look caused by an aging face. The face pace of living and generally high stress levels have accelerated the natural aging processes in many people, and more people are now suffering from eye bags. Fortunately, they are a common problem and eye bag removal procedures are well-established, […]

A Guide On Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal: What To Know

The eyes are arguably the most noticeable features on a someone’s face. A pair of large, bright eyes can make one look younger and much more attractive. However, the reverse is also true, as saggy, puffy eyes weighed down by eye bags makes one look tired, listless and look much older than the actual age. […]