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Can the Q-switch laser be the solution to your acne?

q switch laser

Can the Q-switch laser be the solution to your acne?

Struggling with acne marks and other pigmentation issues? You may be a good candidate for a Q-switched laser treatment. While this sounds like a weird weapon in a science fiction movie, it’s actually one of the beauty industry’s favorite tools for addressing not just acne, but tattoo removal and overall skin rejuvenation. Skin treatment Singapore experts from The Clifford Clinic answer your Q’s on the Q-switch.

How does the Q-switch laser work?

Lasers are a concentrated beams of energy that can help break down cells. Pigmented cells are more likely to absorb its energy – and then break down from the heat – so these are very effective in skin problems that involve discoloration: acne marks, freckles, sun spots, and age spots. Lasers can break down the colored pigments in tattoos, or target skin darkening to achieve a fairer complexion.

Lasers usually work at the wavelength of 1064nm, but doctors can set the level and frequency of the laser that’s suitable for your skin concern.

Why is the Q-switch laser effective for acne?

This powerful laser energy breaks down the pigments in acne marks, and can even help prevent breakout. It killls the P-acne bacteria, and can shrink the skin’s oil glands. Note that it’s not the skin’s oil that causes breakouts. The real issue is when the pores are clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. However, controlling excess oil production can lower your risk for acne especially when paired with an effective everyday cleansing regimen.

There is also research that pimple and acne breakouts tend to be less severe and inflamed after a laser treatment.  While this depends on your own case history – how often you get breakouts, what kind of breakouts you get, and the cause – Q-switch laser can play an important role in pro-active acne control.

What can you expect from a Q-switch laser?

Results depends on the severity of the acne marks or scars, but you can expect up to 90% improvement of discoloration. Your doctor can discuss how many sessions you may need especially In the case of deeper, darker acne marks and scars.

Is there pain and downtime?

Many patients describe their experience of laser acne treatment as similar to feeling little hot dots on your face. The sensation may feel odd, but it is tolerable.  In terms of immediate side effects, there is redness which disappears soon after the procedure.

To find out whether Q switch lasers are the right approach for you, or learn about acne Singapore options you can look at, schedule your personal consultation with The Clifford Clinic.

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