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Can Q-Switch Laser treatment remove all types of pigmentation

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Can Q-Switch Laser treatment remove all types of pigmentation

Most people battle with unwanted, unsightly pigmentation which not only shows up on the face, but also on sun-exposed areas of the body like the arms and legs. It occurs when the skin has an oversupply of melanin, produced by melanocytes and acts as a protector of skin cells from sun exposure. Causes of pigmentation include post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, cystic acne, hormonal changes and melasma. Accumulated sun exposure is also another culprit for pigmentation, as the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause premature ageing with sun spots, freckles and age spots appearing on the face and body areas.

How does Q-Switch laser help with pigmentation

Q-switch laser generates high-energy laser pulse that is non-invasive, at a specific wavelength that is targeted at an area of the skin. The laser beams targets and break up unwanted melanin pigments into smaller fragments, which will be absorbed and cleared away naturally by the body’s immune system. It is an ideal laser treatment for skin concerns including ageing skin and pigmentation.

Types of pigmentation Q-Switch can help with

Freckles: They are small tan or light-brown marks that usually appear on sun-exposed skin. It can be removed with 2 to 4 Q-switch laser sessions.

Sun spots/Age Spots: Also known as solar lentigos, they are larger and have more defined outlines in comparison to freckles. They typically appear more numerously with repeated sun exposure, and advanced age. Removal usually requires 2 to 4 Q-switch laser sessions.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: It is a temporary pigmentation that occurs following an infection, skin injury, or inflammation such as cystic acne or eczema. The discoloration of the skin is the body’s natural response to inflammation, which can last for several months or even become a permanent scar. 3 to 5 Q-switch laser sessions are typically required.

However, there are some limitations of Q-switch lasers when it comes to removing melasma completely, even with multiple sessions. Melasma is a common skin problem that results in brown to gray-brown patches on the face, caused by a variety of factors like sun exposure, pregnancy and hormonal imbalances or treatments. The unique nature of melasma results in more difficulties in treating, and can also be slow in response to treatment. Continued monthly Q-switch lasers can be a costly effort to keep partially treated melasma in check.

Pico Lasers: Improved technology in pigment-removing laser

Pico lasers is new generation of lasers for usage in acne treatments and removal of pigments like acne scar removal. They emit laser beams in short picosecond pulses, estimated to be 10 times faster than nanosecond Q-switched laser. Pico lasers penetrate deep under the skin’s surface to eliminate the melanin pigment behind hyperpigmentation., without causing heat damage to surrounding tissues. Stubborn pigment particles are shattered into much smaller fragments that make it easier and faster for the skin to naturally clear them away.

Pico lasers are able to deliver effective results in disrupting these pigments and achieve results more quickly, and as such, there will be fewer treatment sessions required.

Pico lasers can fill in the gap and tackle challenging skin problems that Q-Switch lasers are not able to address effectively. Both laser treatments, available at aesthetic clinics in Singapore, can be used to deliver optimal results for complex cases of melasma. Pico laser is also an effective acne scar treatment as it can help to reduce enlarged pores and raise depressed acne scars.

The Clifford Clinic offers the Q-switch and Pico lasers, along with a suite of aesthetic treatments in Singapore to address various skin concerns including laser treatments for acne. Our experienced doctors will advise and provide a comprehensive assessment of your skin to offer a tailored solution. Book your appointment with us today.

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