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BUPA is an international health insurance provider with extensive reach and coverage in Singapore and the world.  BUPA Clinic Singapore provides reliable and rapid claims processing and International Assistance.

At The Clifford Clinic, we are able to assist BUPA members with a variety of health and dermatological problems.  In order to distinguish medical problems from cosmetic concerns, a BUPA Clinic in Singapore needs to conduct  a consultation to ascertain that your condition is indeed claimable.  We will then proceed with the procedure upon confirmation that BUPA will approve the claim.

Our administrators will be able to facilitate and assist with the paperwork required for pre-authorisation and claims.

Is My Condition Claimable?

Often, patients have sought confirmation from us for concerns that they felt were cosmetic, but are in fact legitimate health concerns.  For example, we often see complaints for suspicious looking moles which have eventually been diagnosed to be skin cancer.  Insurance companies will cover most of the costs around the diagnosis, testing and treatment of these conditions.

Aside from these conditions, a BUPA Clinic in Singapore will also likely be able to seek pre-authorization from your insurer about conditions like Acne, Rosacea, Scarring, Burns, Eczema, Psoriasis, Viral warts, Alopecia from medical causes etc.

Please seek a consultation and highlight to our front desk staff that you are covered under BUPA to enjoy this coverage.

BUPA Clinic Singapore

Bupa is able to provide extensive out-patient and in-patients coverage to their clients.   We are able to get pre-authorisation from BUPA International for many different procedures according to your current condition.

Call us at +65 65322400 or email thecliffordclinic@gmail.com a copy of your Bupa card as well as your date of birth.

We need the information to get in touch with BUPA regarding your visit with us.  Find out more about our variety of services here.

Download Claim Form

Please visit this page for more information on BUPA claims.  To begin your claim, download a claim form here.