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Bring back your Youth with the Clifford Aesthetics’ Threadlift Treatment

Bring back your Youth with the Clifford Aesthetics’ Threadlift Treatment

Bring back your Youth with the Clifford Aesthetics’ Threadlift Treatment

If you haven’t heard about “Threadlift” yet, it is simply exactly what it sounds like. It is a procedure that uses thread lifts for anti-ageing. It is non-invasive and non-surgical. This treatment involves using dissolvable threads that lift the sagging skin on the face. They are placed in the subcutaneous fat layer just beneath the skin where the lifting on the face is required.

The first ever “threadlift” came out in the late 90’s and was performed by various clinics up until the early years of 2000s. Fast forward to the present, new technological advancements have come up with better, safer and more effective “threadlift” procedures in Singapore. These new facial lifts are now FDA approved.

The procedure does not involve any incisions and is perfect for areas like the mandible, neck, malar area and eyebrows. It provides immediate lift effect without making your face look stiff. In simpler terms, it provides a natural result.

It only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get it done, the reason why it is popularly called as the “lunchtime lift”. The dissolvable threads are simply inserted into the skin, these threads are super thin and come with tiny cones like attachments that targets to lift and tighten the skin from underneath.

While insertion may sound a little intimidating, “threadlift” can be a better idea for those who do not want to go under the knife because there is very minimal recovery period required.

The most it can do is cause inflammation, but even that is for a purpose. The inflammation is caused by the insertion and the tiny cones like attachments on the fine dissolvable threads help stimulate more collagen production in your skin.

Threadlift patients generally show less swelling than those who undergo face-lift surgeries. Some may experience bruising too, but they should not be alarming. Insertions done on the skin may or may not tap a vessel inside- causing the bruises. It shall go away 2-3 days from then.

Generally, Threadlift patients are able to return to their daily routine almost immediately after the procedure. Anybody who tries Threadlift can enjoy a more youthful appearance without the downtime.

A patient who undergoes “thread lift” is given local anesthesia. This makes this procedure quite more painless than surgeries. There may be few prick pains due to the fine thread insertion during the procedure, but the pain is tolerable for most.

The treatment may last up to 1-2 years. For some whose face and skin may not respond that great to the procedure than most people, a quick and simple re-tightening procedure can help lengthen the youthful skin effect Threadlift gives!

The Clifford Clinic offers Silhouette Threadlift, a popular and effective treatment for anti-ageing. For more information, you may visit the clinic at 24 Raffles Place, #01-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore or call to schedule your consultation appointment at +65 65322400.

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