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Break Free From Acne Scars: Why You Should Consider INFINI

Break Free From Acne Scars: Why You Should Consider INFINI

Break Free From Acne Scars: Why You Should Consider INFINI

When it comes to facial skin rejuvenation and acne treatments, two methods have revolutionised the industry. These two ground-breaking treatments are micro-needling and radiofrequency (RF). With the progression and evolution of aesthetic therapies in Singapore and the world over, aesthetic clinics have now seen a rise in using INFINI treatment.

The state of our skin can be a sticking point and plays a massive part in our self-esteem and confidence. These factors will directly impact our ability to present the best versions of ourselves.

How does acne occur?

Acne or acne vulgaris, as it is otherwise known, is a chronic skin condition. Three dominant factors cause it: excessive oil and sebum production, debris clogged pores, and bacterial proliferation.

When these three factors intertwine, the skin area appears red and inflamed, resulting in acne formation. Acne tends to leave scars, and this is where INFINI can aid in repairing the damage done.

When treating acne scars, the primary dermis layer of the skin has to be restored to its prime condition. It involves remodelling the scar fibres found in the dermis and replacing them with new collagen fibres. It will provide extra support to the epidermis and push up the scar underneath.

What can be done to prevent acne scars?

As with most things in life, prevention is always better than cure. Knowing what measures we can take to prevent scarring is always helpful.  The following are some methods that you can take to minimise or prevent scarring.

• Don’t pick at and refrain from squeezing spots
• Ditch harsh soap and scrubs in favour of gentle products
• Avoid generic treatments and opt for expert daily skin care recommended by a dermatologist
• Use a non-comedogenic oil-free moisturiser with SPF
• Avoid super concentrated at-home AHA peels, as they can cause irritation

While the points above are helpful as cliff notes, consulting a dermatologist at Singapore’s leading aesthetic clinics is always beneficial. It will also certainly assist you in ultimately saving your hard-earned cash in the long term!

Why is the INFINI treatment system is so sought after?

INFINI is not only a cutting-edge form of skin rejuvenation; it is also a method of therapy that breaks new ground in the field of acne scar treatments. With a three-pronged approach that completely changes the outlook of the aesthetic industry, the benefits of using the INFINI system is now seen as the go-to form of therapy.

The INFINI treatment combines all the benefits and elements of micro-needling and radiofrequency, making it a skin resurfacing treatment that addresses acne scars, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

With its unique approach to skin rejuvenation, the INFINI system combines micro-needling and the thermal energy of radiofrequency to then be delivered deep into the skin. Essentially, INFINI provides heat energy to the dermis that encourages collagen and elastin production, which tightens scar tissues, improves skin texture, and reduces the depth of scars. There is also a significant drop in the downtime experienced, meaning to say that it will not put a dent into your lifestyle.

The INIFNI system is beneficial for depressed areas on the skin. The technology uses tiny needles that deliver heat deep into the dermis and directly target the inner part of the scar – up to 3.5mm deep – making it suitable for treating even deep, ice-pick scars!

Aside from being an effective deep acne scar resurfacing treatment, it also offers skin rejuvenation and lifting. With this system, clients can be assured that they will achieve their desired results over a few sessions.

Other methods that can be used to treat acne scars

Aside from INFINI, Clifford Clinic also offers Secret RF, which makes use of fractional radiofrequency (RF) and micro-needles to treat depressed acne scars, such as rolling scars, boxscar scars and ice-pick scars.

The Secret RF is inspired by the body tissue coagulating and automatically repairing open wounds to stop bleeding. This is done by transferring controlled heat to repair targeted skin parts.

By doing this, not only can they repair acne scars, but they can also improve other visible blemishes, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Because the RF-powered micro cannular used in this method can stop bleeding, the precise subcision can be done without bleeding or bruising.

Unlike INFINI, which consists of microneedle radiofrequency in their treatment, Secret RF uses non-insulated microneedle radiofrequency. Moreover, INFINI may not respond well to certain scars as Secret RF does.

However, since they have great synergy when used together, it is better to combine the two for the most effective treatment for acne scars.

Rediscover your best skin @ The Clifford Clinic

Regain your confidence with the INFINI system and bring back the person that you know and deserve to be! While it is always good to weigh your options, combining INFINI with another treatment is usually best when you want to remove depressed acne scars.

With our experienced and esteemed group of doctors, you can be confident that your consultation will be in safe hands. Get in touch and book your appointment with us today!