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Pink Intimate System: Vagina Whitening & Restoration In SG

Pink Intimate System: Vagina Whitening & Restoration In SG

Regain skin’s youthfulness and firmness with the Pink Intimate System

Loss of laxity and firmness in the genital region occurs naturally with age or as a result of childbirth. Changes in the body’s hormone levels throughout a person’s lifetime may also darken the nipples, genital and perianal (surrounding area of the anus) region.

The Pink Intimate System is an innovative treatment that restores youthfulness by using a non-invasive and exfoliating peel. It is the first of its kind in Singapore that whitens and lifts, firms, and rejuvenates the most intimate and delicate areas of the body – thus empowering every woman to feel positive about her body and be sexually confident at all times.

Who is suitable for the treatment?

This treatment is suitable for anyone looking to refresh and whiten their delicate regions. You can apply the treatment solution to multiple sensitive areas, including the following:

  • Underarms
  • Inner thighs
  • The skin around the nipples
  • The outer folds of the skin surrounding the vagina
  • The area around the anus or above the pubic region

How does vagina whitening & rejuvenation work?

A topical solution that is carefully formulated from clinically proven ingredients will be applied to the sensitive areas during the treatment.

During application, the solution helps to lift and lighten blemishes and dark pigmentation. It also restores and soothes the skin of the treatment area.

All ingredients are clinical grade and safe to use on the skin.

What are the advantages of the Pink Intimate System?

  • A painless and non-surgical peel that can safely lighten the delicate regions of the body without damaging the skin’s outer skin layer.
  • Formulated using ingredients that promote skin lightening, lifting, restorative bio-stimulation, and soothing. Each ingredient serves a purpose. Examples include:

Lightening and Lifting

The treatment solution contains Glutathione (antioxidant), Rucinol (treats hyperpigmentation) and Kojic Acid (promotes lightening), ensuring that the skin is lightened and lifted.

Restorative and soothing

In addition to lightening the skin, the Pink Intimate System also contains ingredients such as Retinol (vitamin A) and Bisabolol (skin-soothing agent) that are equally beneficial to the skin. These ingredients restore and soothe the skin during treatment.

What to expect during the treatment?

The treatment start with a thorough cleansing of the treatment area before applying the skin-whitening solution.

A small amount of the solution is applied and gently massaged into the skin until completely absorbed. After which, the skin is then rinsed and wiped dry. This step will be repeated a minimum of three times until results are visible in the treatment area.

The full treatment takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete.


1) Is vagina whitening & rejuvenation safe?

Pink Intimate System is a non-invasive treatment. The treatment solution is CE marked, HSA Singapore registered, and specifically formulated to brighten the skin in sensitive areas.

2) Is the treatment painful?

A slight tingling sensation may be experienced during the application process, but the tingling sensation should stop once the skin fully absorbs the solution. Do note that the intensity of any sensation felt during the treatment varies depending on the area being treated.

Some areas (such as the labia majora) may experience a stronger tingling sensation. However, the treatment is generally tolerable for the majority of patients.

3) What is the downtime?

The treatment is safe and does not have any downtime. You may return to your daily routine immediately after the treatment.

4) How can I prepare for the treatment?

To prevent a rash or irritation, avoid tweezing, shaving, or waxing the treatment area at least 3 days before the session.

5) How soon will I notice the results?

Improvements to skin firmness or fairness are visible as soon as the first session. However, it is recommended to attend a series of sessions to fully restore the tone and brightness of the treated skin.

To speed up the whitening process, you may want to consider coupling your treatment with the Pico laser.

6) How often can I do this treatment?

You may repeat the procedure once every 7 days for better results. Depending on the severity of the pigmentation/sagging of the treatment area, you may need to schedule maintenance sessions after 3-6 months.