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Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have an unwanted tattoo?

Unwanted tattoos including eyebrow tattoos can be removed our nanosecond pulsed Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Depending on the size and variety of colours of the tattoo, multiple sessions are typically required for effective clearance.

Pain Management

Tattoo removal is a painful experience.  Most people agree that it is one of the most painful treatments that can be done.  However, don’t be demoralized by this.  Using our maximum strength numbing cream, we are able to minimize the pain experienced with each tattoo removal. For an even more painless experience, we can offer local anesthesia injections for small to moderate sized tattoos and general anesthesia for huge tattoos.

Scarring and blistering

Some people may develop blisters, usually after the first few sessions of tattoo removal.  For this reason, we usually start at very low energies on the first few sessions, and work our way up to higher energies as the tattoo becomes lighter.  This is to ensure that we minimize the risk of scarring.  This approach is slower, but prioritizes the final outcome.  Especially over areas where the risk of keloid scars are high, such as the arms or the chest, we may choose not to be too aggressive on the tattoo.

Treatment Protocols for Fastest Tattoo Removal

We use various treatment protocols according to the severity of the tattoo.  Patients wishing to have rapid removal of the tattoo can go for the express protocol, where up to 4 sessions can be done every month.  This maximizes the speed and efficiency of tattoo removal, allowing the fastest tattoo removal while preserving the safety of the skin. To us, tattoo removal is an art.  Knowing how much energy to use for each tattoo, and how aggressively to treat each tattoo stems from our 6 years of experience using laser for tattoo removal.

Areas to be Treated

We can treat areas such as face, arms, legs, hands and even private areas like breasts, nipples, labia/vagina, penis.  Common areas for treatment are eyebrow tattoos, arms and forearms, ankles and back.

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Don’t let tattoos ruin your life. Remove them today with us!

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