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Laser Stretch Mark Removal That Works!

Laser Stretch Mark Removal That Works!

Do you suffer from stretch marks?  if so, you may wish to consider laser stretch mark removal, to reduce or eliminate the appearance of these lines.  These unsightly lines and marks can be found almost anywhere on the body, including:

  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • abdomen
  • armpits
  • back
  • knees
  • calves

These lines can be notoriously difficult to treat, and leave a lasting impression not just on yourself but anyone unfortunate enough to see it!  Stretch marks occur in a variety of colors and shapes.  They can range from white to purple, and be as short as a few cm to several inches.  If you are distressed by your stretch mark problem, maybe it’s time to take some positive action to treat it!

Returning to unblemished skin with perfectly smooth legs and buttocks can be difficult, but it’s not impossible!  With Laser Stretch Mark Removal, this is now a reality.

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Laser Stretch Mark Removal - The Treatment

Using our latest Edge Fractional CO2 treatment and Fraxel Dual laser, combined with vascular laser V-Beam Perfecta and the Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers, we are confident of treating any types of stretch marks, whether they are white, brown, or purple.  We can also treat stretch marks of any ages, from very recent to stretch marks from your pregnancy many years ago.  One of the critical success factors in laser stretch mark removal is the combination of several lasers.  We have found that it’s important to have many different modalities to treat the different components.   For example, a purple stretch mark with thin papery skin requires a combination of two treatments.  The V-Beam Perfecta is used to to treat the purple component.  Edge Fractional CO2 laser treats the thin skin problem.

Sometimes, all 3 lasers are needed to treat complex cases.  In simpler cases, only one type of laser is needed.  Our doctor will be able to advise you on how to treat stretch marks and which lasers will be needed.

How Stretch Mark Removal Laser Works

Stretch marks become visible because the skin of the stretch mark gets stretched.  This can be due to sudden weight gain, or skin tension from pregnancy etc.  The stretched skin becomes thinner and doesn’t cover the underlying structures well.  This results in the blood vessels under the stretch mark showing through.  This causes purple stretch marks.  Purple stretch marks respond well to V-beam laser.  As stretch marks widen from more stretching, the skin becomes thin and papery.  These are called atrophic stretch marks.  With older stretch marks,  the color becomes brownish with hyperpigmentation.  These brown pigments can be treated with the Q-switch laser.

The third stage of stretch mark evolution is when the marks turn white/silvery.  This is usually the final stage of healing and the permanent appearance of the stretch marks if they are not treated.  At this stage, it is necessary to use the Edge fractional CO2 laser and the Fraxel Dual Laser to treat the stretch marks.

The choice of laser and the technology is critical at this stage.  Earlier stretch marks treatment with older technology lasers resulted in post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that would remain even after six to twelve months. The latest lasers using the Edge Fractional CO2 laser and Fraxel Dual are able to effectively treat these stretch marks without causing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  This is because the skin on the body takes longer to heal than the face and is more sensitive to inflammation.

FAQs About Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Why do we have stretch marks?

Stretch marks are due to skin that is overstretched suddenly.  This is caused by sudden weight gain, such as during pregnancy.  When the skin is stretched, the underlying collagen infrastructure is weakened and thinned, causing it to become shiny, irregular and thin.

Do stretch marks go away?

Mild stretch marks can sometimes improve by themselves due to natural remodelling.  However, if the stretch mark has been there for a while, then most likely it will not go away without some form of laser stretch mark treatment.  Severe stretch marks can be significantly improved, but may not completely vanish.

Is it normal for teens and men to get stretch marks?

Yes, teens and even men can get stretch marks, even if they do not put on weight suddenly.  Stretch marks can occur even in skin that has been suddenly stretched such as after exercise.

What kind of stretch marks can your lasers treat?

Our lasers can treat all kinds of stretch marks, including red, brown and white stretch marks.

Do all women get stretch marks after pregnancy?

Not all women get stretch marks after pregnancy.  Some women may get more than others.  Usually those that are smaller build to start with may be more at risk.

How can stretch marks be prevented?

If a woman takes good care of her skin during pregnancy, and is able to control excessive pregnancy weight gain (this should be managed together with the gynaecologist), it is possible to prevent excessive stretch mark production after pregnancy

What are the laser stretch mark removal complications?

The main complication of laser stretch marks treatment is hyperpigmentation.  The skin on the abdomen and thighs heals much slower than skin on the face, and also develops pigmentation much easier.  Therefore more advanced lasers are needed with highly refined beam sizes to reduce those complications.