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Full Body Cancer Screening

The Clifford Clinic provides one of the most comprehensive health screenings in the market. Health is an important attribute of beauty. At The Clifford Clinic, we strive to provide the best for both health and beauty. 

Cancer cases have been on the rise, and the number of people living with cancer will continue to rise. According to the statistics from the National Cancer Centre of Singapore (NCCS), during the period from 2015-2019, 78,204 cancer cases were reported in Singapore and 49% and 51% of those cases were reported in males and females respectively. On average, one in three people in Singapore will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. Also, about one in four deaths in Singapore is attributed to cancer. Many of us would have seen someone close to us being diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer screening is therefore essential to detect cancers early to allow for more timely treatment for people. Increase your chance of cancer detection today with our screen programme! Many cancers do not cause symptoms until the late stages. Therefore, early detection can lead to treatments early and save many more lives in the process.  

A full body MRI is one such way to detect several cancers. Of particular interest would be the pancreas, which is often detected in the late stages as there are typically no symptoms until later on. Other cancers would also include lung cancer, which are more common in smokers but there is also a sub-type that is common in non-smokers, kidney as well as liver cancers. For the ladies, breast cancer screening would be of particular interest. MRI of the breasts can find invasive breast cancers sooner than mammograms, and they can also rule out abnormalities that look suspicious on a mammogram. 

A colonoscopy (endoscopy that focuses on the lower gut) and Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy (endoscopy that focuses on the upper gut) will also be arranged to evaluate the health of the whole gut. Endoscopy involves using a camera attached to a flexible tubing that is used to navigate the whole tract of the gut. While performing the endoscopy, the doctor can have direct vision into the gut. As such, any suspicious changes along the surface of the inner gut can be detected by sight. MRI will not be able to pick up early-stage malignant changes of the gut. Colon cancer is one of the top cancers in Singapore as well. As such, it is important to undergo both a colonoscopy as well as OGD. 

In addition, we will also help to arrange a genetic test screen for you. 

Some people are more prone to cancer than others due to their genetics. With a blood draw, the genetic test screen can offer a glimpse into your genetic-makeup. Certain genetic markers predispose an individual to some types of cancers more than others. As such, the genetic test screen will help in determining whether you have such genetic markers. This genetic test screen, otherwise known as LiquidHALLMARK, profiles ctDNA mutations in 80 genes, fusions in 10 genes, and somatic variants. This will be helpful in looking out for the specific types of cancers that you may be predisposed to. 

Last but not least, for patients who have many moles on their bodies, or who are of Caucasian descent, The Clifford Clinic houses the Fotofinder Mole mapping system that is capable of tracking, storing, and monitoring of all the moles on your body. Patients who are of Caucasian descent have a higher chance of skin cancer. Patients who have many moles on their bodies may find it hard to track every single mole on their bodies. As such, with the Fotofinder Mole mapping system, it will help to enhance surveillance of possible changes, therefore detecting early skin cancer. The mole mapping system has the capability of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in detecting skin changes over time. This can help doctors in the evaluation of melanocytic and non-melanocytic skin lesions. 

To top it off, blood samples will also be collected to be screened for an array of blood tumour markers. These blood tumour markers are an additional investigative tool to screen for certain types of cancers. They include markers for nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), colon cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer. 

These are common FAQ with regards to The Clifford Clinic’s cancer screening programme.

MRI uses a magnetic field to capture images of your body. The scan captures the major areas of the body: the head, spine, abdomen, pelvis, and heart. A Whole Body MRI scan provides insight into your health and can potentially detect diseases in the vital organs early. It is free from radiation, unlike a CT scan.

If you are concerned about your body for whatever reason such as due to certain lifestyle habits, or you just simply want reassurance and peace of mind, a whole body MRI can be one tool to help you.

Doctors use MRI scans to diagnose all types of medical conditions, from tumours to torn ligaments and spinal cord injuries. Certain diseases can affect more than one part of the body. As such, a whole body MRI can potentially pick up such medical conditions. Whole Body MRI is also useful for patients who have cancer predisposition syndromes. 

A whole-body MRI is not supposed to replace the routine health-screening blood tests and physical examination that can be conducted in a health screening centre.

MRI scans happen inside a narrow tube. You will be required to stay still throughout the procedure. The technologist will guide and instruct you during the procedure. The entire scan can take between 60-90 minutes depending on the extent of scanning required.

There are various medical conditions that a whole body MRI scan can possibly detect. 
Head/brain Intracranial masses like brain tumours, aneurysm and strokes, age-related changes due to dementia  
Spine (whole) Spinal fractures, nerve compression, spinal tumours
  • Tumours in pancreas, liver, kidney, adrenal gland and gallbladder
  • Liver diseases such as fatty liver
  • Prostate diseases
  • Gallstones
  • Kidney cysts 
Pelvis Uterine polyps or tumour, ovarian tumours and cysts 

Depending on the report and which part of the body is involved, you will be referred to the relevant specialist for further follow-up care and management. 

The standard health screening blood tests as well as physical examination should be done at a primary care clinic. Imaging modalities like whole body MRI can be combined with other molecular diagnostics, such as genomic profiling to have a very comprehensive view of one’s status. Highly sensitive molecular diagnostics can be used to stratify each subjects’ risk of developing malignant cancer. 

Take charge of your health today with The Clifford Clinic’s comprehensive full-body scan. Alternately, feel free to look into some of the other services we provide, like our hair transplant, acne treatment, and acne scar treatment in Singapore.