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3 ways chin fillers can help you achieve your #beautygoals without surgery

Fillers are sometimes called “the liquid facelift”. These injectibles can help firm the skin, define contours, and even balance your facial features. Here are some ways that cheek and chin fillers can help improve your appearance. How do chin fillers work? Fillers contain plumping ingredients that are injected into the skin. There are many different […]

Stimulate hair growth with laser rejuvenation

Can lasers help fight hairloss? New research shows that when lasers are combined with other treatments like injection, they can improve hair thickness and density. Read on to find out more if laser hair rejuvenation is for you! Why are you losing your hair? Our hair follows a natural cycle of growth composed of three […]

3 ways the Fraxel BB laser can improve your complexion

Nobody has perfect skin. Some people have blemishes or hormonal pigmentation; others wish they had smaller-looking pores or are worried about fine lines around their eyes. However, new technology like the Fraxel BB laser can help improve your complexion and give you a healthy and youthful glow. Find out more about how it works and […]

Fight baldness with FUE!

Do you see thinning hair, receding hairlines, or bald spots? You’re not alone. Up to 40% of men experience early hair loss.  The good news is the advances in hair transplant technology has made it possible to correct this problem with natural looking results.  FUE: the latest treatment for baldness The Clifford Clinic offers FUE […]

Ultherapy: get firmer, more youthful skin without surgery

Do you have sagging skin, but aren’t ready for a surgical facelift? Consider getting Ultherapy and HIFU. This is an FDA-approved and clinically approved treatment for tightening the face, neck, decolettage and underarms.  What is HIFU and Ultherapy? HIFU means “high intensity focused ultrasound.” Ultrasound waves are focused and targeted on a particular area. The […]

Depressed acne scars treatment with INFINI

Pimples come and go, but the damage acne does to your face can last for years!  Pock marks, depressed acne scars, that unflattering “orange peel” complexion are impossible to treat with just skincare products. Most women just try to hide it with makeup – but that’s just a temporary solution! However, The Clifford Clinic can […]

Is your acne a sign of a deeper health problem?

We all know that acne can be caused by hormonal fluctuations. That’s why it’s common to get acne during adolescence, pregnancy, or that time of the month. In some cases, persistent acne may be a sign of a hormonal condition like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). What is PCOS? PCOS is one of the most common […]

Get the Facts on FUE: A Revolutionary Treatment for Baldness

Up to 40% of men will have significant hairloss by the time they’re 35 years old. They’ll notice receding hair lines, or thinning spots in the center or side. Many of them feel that they’re not just losing their hair but their confidence. They associate baldness with looking old and less attractive. Get treatment from […]
z beam laser

Zap out acne scars, red and brown spots, and small birthmarks with the V Beam laser

V Beam Laser is a non-invasive treatment can even out your complexion and help minimize fine lines and wrinkles at the same time. The Clifford Clinic answers frequently asked questions. How does the V beam laser work? This is a pulsed dye laser. It emits short bursts of light (“pulses”) while the dye creates different colors […]

Regain clear skin and your confidence with the Clifford Aesthetics Acne Scar Program Nine out of 10 people experience acne at least once in their lives. While most of us get our worst breakouts in our teens because of hormonal fluctuations, five out of 10 get adult acne. Eight out of 10 will struggle with periodic acne breakouts throughout their lives. Ideally, the acne clears with a […]