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Bacne And How We Can Help You Say Goodbye To Them For Good

Bacne And How We Can Help You Say Goodbye To Them For Good

Bacne And How We Can Help You Say Goodbye To Them For Good

Skin complaints are a source of concern for many, and most of those relate to acne. Especially in Singapore, with our oft unpredictable climate, it isn’t uncommon for both adolescents and adults to suffer from acne and unsightly acne scars.

Whilst acne is an unerring reality, it also comes a shot to our confidence and self-esteem. Our outlook on life is very intertwined with our appearance, and acne is one of those things that can undoubtedly affect our social and personal life.

The issue of acne is a widespread complaint, but one of the things that are rarely discussed is an equally prominent problem that affects many, i.e., bacne.

What is bacne, and what are its different types?

Back acne, otherwise more commonly known as bacne, is a breakout that primarily develops in a person’s back. Much like facial acne, the back has similar sebaceous glands that produce sebum; an oily substance and residue which combined with bacteria and clogged pores, eventually lead to bacne.

The following are the types of acne that contribute to the formation of bacne:

  • Whiteheads: Medically referred to as comedones, this condition often crops up when a trapped follicle stays closed forcibly and entrenches itself under the skin layer’s surface, forming a white lump.
  • Blackheads: Unlike the whitehead, a blackhead is a clogged follicle located on the surface of your skin that opens. The black appearance occurs when there is a reaction between air and sebum and not because of dirt.
  • Papules: These are lesions that appear as pink lumps on your skin and tend to be tender; they are called papules. This takes place when a hair follicle becomes trapped and inflamed.
  • Pustules: Commonly known as a pimple, pustules are a  white or yellow pus-filled papule with a red and swollen looking base that can be painful when touched.
  • Nodules: Occur when the bacteria becomes trapped in a follicle. Nodules form and develop deep under the skin’s surface to the point that it coagulates and creates a painful nodule. As these lesions get more profound, it causes damage to the tissue, often resulting in an inflamed response by the body.
  • Cysts: These are a far more severe, more significant form of lesions, that grow when microbes and germs become trapped in the follicle. With cystic acne, the infection goes deeper into the dermis, and it often results in an uncomfortable lump that has a higher chance to leave a lasting scar.

How can we at The Clifford Clinic help?

As a trusted acne scar treatment facility in Singapore, we at The Clifford Clinic have developed an individualized and bespoke plan to help you get rid of bacne and alleviate your worries.

When you engage us, we will find out the exact acne cause and condition before recommending the appropriate treatment based on your initial consultation. Our experienced doctors will then review what we have established to form a treatment that suits your needs – this may include topical creams, sprays, oral medication, and in-office treatments.

Some of the treatments that may be recommended are:

Long Pulse Laser Treatment

The laser has mostly been used for the selective photo thermolysis of vascular disorders, and other inflammatory disorders. In addition, the long-pulsed laser treatment is widely known to stimulate dermal remodeling and collagen production. This laser is often used for the treatment of hypertrophic scars, keloids as well as acne scarring. The laser has been proven to be effective in targeting acne with minimal downtime using a single wavelength laser.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by improving the appearance of acne scars by using a solution to get rid of the external layer of the old skin/dermis. This results in the formation of fresh skin. This new skin is infinitely smoother and will be less scarred in appearance. Consistent sessions will help decrease congested pores, resulting in reduced acne breakouts.

Topical Treatment

We realize that it can be a chore and challenging to apply creams to your back. As such, we do our part by ensuring you can avoid that activity by offering our clients an easy-to-use chest and back spray. Topical treatments are essential in preventing the formation and expansion of bacteria and maintaining the clearness of the pores after our laser treatment.

Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Dependent on the scarring type, there is a multitude of laser treatments that can be used to minimize the outcome of any disfigurement and put you on the fast track to healing.


The AGNES treatment focuses on the root cause of the problem and as such makes it a highly effective form of treatment to treat acne and/or bacne.

Acne is a disorder that arises from follicles in the sebaceous glands, and getting rid of the sebaceous glands, will successfully lessen the formation of acne and is unlikely to reoccur.

Oral Medication

Efficient medications that help diminish bacteria growth, prescriptions like antibiotics and isotretinoin. Left untreated, bacne can lead to more serious cases of acne that cause long-lasting damage.

When working in tandem with our other treatments, the effects are extra effective – our oral prescriptions are specifically designed to have minimal side effects and work better as a great complement to your laser therapy outcomes.

Gold PTT Treatment

Specialized lasers and gold nanoparticles are used in the Gold PTT treatment to efficiently and effectively eliminate acne. This is done through cleansing sebaceous follicles, lowering sebum production, and alleviating acne lesions. The process essentially targets the oil-producing sebaceous glands, which play a role in the development of new acne lesions.

Plenty of the participating patients in a series of clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of Gold PTT showed substantial improvements after seeking the Gold PTT treatment. Patients with severe symptoms, such as a significant number of papules and pustules on the face, reported a 50% reduction in symptoms following up to 8 sessions of Gold PTT therapy over 16 weeks, according to one research. Moreover, the treatment is generally deemed painless, with most patients reporting just slight tingling sensations throughout the procedure.

Goodbye bacne, hello confidence!

It is not superficial that we want to look our best, so there is nothing wrong when we seek the appropriate treatment when we do have any issues. At the end of the day, it will serve as a massive boost to our confidence and help us to present the best version of ourselves.

That being said, our esteemed doctors are ready to provide you with suitable treatments according to your needs. So why wait? Get in touch and book your first consultation with us today!