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An Easy Way to Get Rid of Eye Bags


An Easy Way to Get Rid of Eye Bags

Did you know that there are factors in our face that makes us look older than we really are? Wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet are obvious giveaways of age. But there are also less prominent characteristics, such as dry skin, drooping skin, and eye bags. These not so obvious factors do not always come through time. Many times they are products of stress or lack of self care.

Eye bags in particular, can be a frustrating issue to resolve. We can buy the latest expensive eye cream and make sure to get eight hours of sleep. But still the pockets under our eyes are large and puffy. Cutting salt out of our diet and increasing water intake may also help, but it does not always result in a definitive decrease in eye bags.

Why Do I Have Eye Bags?

The are a number of reasons why men and women have an accumulation of eye bags. The obvious are lack of sleep and stress. Some have eye bags due to allergies. Genetic disposition is another reason that unfortunately cannot be reversed. And of course through time, the degradation of collagen in skin creates eye bags.

The severity in cases differs. Patients who are classified under Type 1 do not have very prominent eye bags, it only appears when they look up. Type 2 eye bag condition patients exhibit an accumulation of fat in a semi-circle shape under their eyes. The eye bags are evident when they are looking straight ahead. Type 3 patients have very prominent eye bags and have large amount of fat accumulation. Type 3 patients’ eyes look extremely swollen and tired.

If you have ever tried any of the remedies above to no avail, perhaps it is time to look into a more permanent solution.

How Do I Get Rid of My Eye Bags?

In the past, eye bag removal required surgery. Today, non-surgical options are readily available and preferred by clients. This is because there is no downtime, no pain, no scars, no redness, no incisions, and best of all, no risks.

The AGNES uses a patented micro-needle to emit radio frequency energy. Because the needle is as fine as a mosquito sting, it is able to do so with precision. It is also able to selectively target and shrink subcutaneous fat that lies in between skin and the orbital septum. The results is tighter and firmer skin around the eye area. Plus it also stimulates new collagen to form.

What Does It Feel Like?

The treatment only lasts around 20 minutes. First, a numbing cream is applied around the area and is then followed by anesthetic jabs. The handheld device with the micro-needle then delivers the radio frequency energy and pierces the skin at controlled depths. Once the treatment is finished, cooling gel packs are applied on the eye area to soothe the skin which may feel tender and sensitive immediately after treatment.

When Do I See Results?

Best results take one to two months. However, some patients already see improvement in as early as the first two weeks. The AGNES is a popular treatment because the quick and easy treatment is expected to last for three to five years.

To know if you are suitable for AGNES and to inquire, call Clifford Clinic at 65322400.

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