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AGNES & Secret RF Scarless EYEBAG Removal Treatment

Do you always look tired? Perhaps it is due to to the appearance of your eyebags. Nothing makes a person look aged and tired more than the appearance of bags under the eyes.

There are many causes for eyebags. The commonest one of which is the accumulation of fats below the lower eyelid. The eyeball is surrounded by fats. As we age, the muscles holding the fats around the eyes weaken. When the muscles are unable to keep the fats in, the fats will bulge forwards. When these fats press up against the skin, it causes it to appear as eyebags. At first, these eyebags appear as mild bulges, but as time progresses, the skin and muscles weaken further, leading to worsening of the eyebags.

Grade 1 Eyebags

Grade 2 Eyebags

Grade 3 Eyebags

Because the eyebag is a 3 dimensional deformity, no amount of skin treatments, serums or even concealer can improve this appearance. Some of my patients have tried every eye cream on the market, but cannot see improvements at all. Fortunately the solution is relatively simple. Tightening of the skin and subcutaneous tissues holding the eyebags in will push the eyebags back, and restore the smooth contour of the undereyes.


Eyebag treatment can be split up into surgical and non surgical treatments.

Surgical treatments involve making a small incision below the eyes, and removing the excess bulging fats under the eyes. This method is the most direct method of removing eyebags, but if not done correctly, can sometimes result in hollows below the eyes, or sagging skin.

Non surgical treatments involve restoring the normal anatomical strength of the muscles surrounding the eyes. This can be accomplished by using RF energy to shrink and tighten the muscles. The SecretRF treatment is a minimally invasive treatment where small doses of radiofrequency energy are delivered via a specially designed probe to the muscle layer of the skin below the eyes. This RF energy stimulates the production of collagen, leading to natural tightening and lifting of the skin below the eyes.

Other causes of eyebags

Aside from eyebags, there may be other causes of this tired appearance. A common cause is the presence of a tear trough, which is a groove that runs under the eyebag. This casts a shadow, making the eyebag look even more prominent than normal. This tear trough deformity is usually caused by fat loss on the cheeks.

Another cause is dark eye circles. Dark circles are most commonly caused by thin skin below the eyes. If you were to stretch the skin below the eyes, you may notice that the skin color turns from dark brownish to purplish. What you are seeing is the color of the muscles below the skin, because the skin is too thin. Dark eye circle treatment is another approach to improve the appearance of the undereyes.

The Clifford Clinic Eyebag protocol

At the Clifford Clinic, we have, through our years of experience, developed a protocol that works exceptionally well for eyebags. We combine this treatment with our AGNES eyebag treatment to shrink the eyebags further. Using this unique combination, we are able to achieve a synergistic effect for our patients.

So if you’ve been looking tired lately, why not call us up for a consultation? We will be able to discern the different causes of your eyebag or dark eye circle problems and advise you on the best course of action.


After the treatment, it is common that there may be some degree of swelling and slight bruising may appear. This usually passes within 5-7 days.

This treatment is a scarless eyebag removal treatment. No visible internal or external scars are left behind. When compared to scarless eyebag surgery where there is an internal scar below the eyelid, this treatment is conducted with microneedles and leaves no scars at all.

Results can be seen as early as one week after the procedure. Best results are seen about a month after the procedure.

On average one to three sessions are needed depending on the size of the eyebag and the laxity of the skin. A good rule of thumb is that the longer it’s been there, the more sessions will be needed to remove this eyebag.

Compared to scarless eyebag removal surgery, this treatment will actually increase the tightness of the skin and reduce the skin laxity after the treatment. This is because the treatment also stimulates collagen in the tissues below the skin, helping it to tighten naturally.