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No more irritating and drying acne products!

Do you find it frustrating to continuously use anti acne products without effective results to cure your acne problems? Have you ever shuddered at the thought of being on a lifetime of acne creams and pills? Until recently, there was not much development as a permanent cure for acne. However, a discovery made by Japanese scientists and in collaboration with a Korean dermatologist has changed all that! Read on to find out more about the incredible technology of AGNES treatment.

Many years ago, the solution to acne was to use oral and topical medications such as acne pills and creams that ended up drying the skin and caused the skin to peel alongside symptoms like dry eyes and cracked lips.

This also did not solve acne at its root. What many patients experienced was that after they had stopped using these creams and pills, the acne would just recur, and sometimes even worse than before. So, what was really happening with the skin?

Researchers in Japan discovered that in certain cases of acne patients, pimples were appearing on the same part of the face over and over again, sometimes even on the same exact spot. They learned that out of the thousands of pores on the face, the same few hundred were repeatedly getting blocked and thus, cause recurrent acne breakouts to happen. What’s more interesting is that these few hundred pores were responsible for 80 – 90% of all the acne appearing on the face. Dealing with recurring acne can be a daily nightmare if pores are enlarged and the skin is often oily with excess sebum.

By focusing on treating these problematic pores selectively, researchers found that it was possible to cure over 83% of non-inflammed acne and over 93% of inflammed acne, with 3 treatments over a year! Once these problematic pores were treated, the acne did not recur for the duration of one year after the last treatment.

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This has led to probably one of the most important discoveries in the history of acne treatment, which allowed us to provide a permanent cure for acne in Singapore!

Read on below on how to check if you’re a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Here’s how to check if you’re a good candidate for AGNES treatment.

Do you have recurrent acne on your face that keeps recurring on the same zones of the face, even when the rest of the skin on the rest of the face is relatively clear?

Do you have certain pimples on your face that recur on the exact same spot over and over again?

Have you tried other types of conventional acne treatment with some success, only to have the acne return with a vengeance after stopping the treatment?

Do you have special requirements like pregnancy or rosacea which make you unsuitable for traditional treatments for acne?

Would you prefer to be on creams for the long term, or invest in a treatment will reduce your need for creams and continued treatment for acne?

Acne do not need to be a part of your everyday life. Get a long-lasting treatment for acne with AGNES today! Call us now at 65322400 for more information

AGNES treatment works by selectively targeting acne prone follicles and hyperactive sebaceous glands on the face, thus tackling the root problem of acne. Due to overactive oil glands, acne will occur when pores become clogged with too much sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities.

Our doctor will use a magnifier to have a close-up look on your face in order to locate all the pores on your skin which are damaged and blocked. Thereafter, with a very fine wire attached to the AGNES machine, a tiny electrical current or radiofrequency energy is delivered with precision through insulted micro-needles on the treated area. As the offending sebaceous glands gets destroyed, the gland’s size is reduced with lesser amount of oil produced. With no oil, there can be no blockage, and with no blockage, pores do not get clogged and inflammed thus pimples will not develop. It’s that simple!

With over 18 years of experience in acne treatment, The Clifford Clinic in Singapore has garnered substantial knowledge on all acne related conditions so patients can find a solution to their acne woes and reclaim their self-confidence. Our doctors are trained and highly equipped to carry out this process, which may be tedious and time-consuming because the pores are very tiny. Each full face session may take about half an hour for the doctor to complete, depending on the condition of the patient’s skin. After the treatment, patients may face redness for a day. A second session is needed the following day to extract the dead cells from the pores, done by our therapist and ensured to be a painless experience.

After the first treatment session, patients will usually experience a decrease of 50-70% of acne breakouts, and after the third session, most patients will achieve up to 90% clearance of the skin. These numbers are indicative, and some variation may occur from patient to patient. Occasionally, some patients may require a small touch up session after one year. Because the targeted areas are dealt with, acne will unlikely recur, hence making AGNES treatment an effective, permanent cure for acne patients in Singapore.

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