Permanent Cure for Acne

Say goodbye to irritating and drying acne products!

Has it been a frustrating experience to continuously use anti acne products without seeing effective results to fix your acne problems? Do you shudder at the thought of being on a lifetime of acne skincare and medication? Initially, there wasn’t much development in terms of a permanent cure for acne. However, a discovery made by Japanese scientists and in collaboration with a Korean dermatologist gave acne patients hope! Let’s explore more about the incredible technology of AGNES treatment.

In the past, oral and topical medications including acne creams and pills were the solution to acne. However, they end up drying the skin and caused peeling alongside symptoms like cracked lips and dry eyes.

This ‘solution’ also did not tackle acne at its root. It is common for patients to experience recurring acne once they had stopped using these pills and creams, and sometimes, the acne occurs even worse than before. Why does this happen?

Researchers in Japan found that for certain acne causes, pimples appeared on the same area of the face repeatedly, some even on the same exact spot. Out of the thousands of pores on the face, they learned that the same few hundred faced blockage again and again. This resulted in recurring acne breakouts. It was also interesting to know that these affected pores were responsible for most acne breakouts on the face – between 80% to 90%. It can be a nightmare to deal with recurring acne alongside enlarged pores and oily skin.

The focus is placed on selectively treating these problematic pores. Subsequently, researchers learned that there was a possibility to achieve a cure over 83% of non-inflamed acne and over 93% of inflamed acne with 3 treatment sessions in a year! By treating these problematic pores, there was no acne recurrence for a year after going for the last treatment.

This has led to an important discovery in the history of acne treatment, allowing our doctors at The Clifford Clinic to offer a permanent cure for acne in Singapore!

Find out if you are suitable to undergo this treatment.

Let’s check if you are a suitable candidate for AGNES treatment.

Do you experience recurrent acne that constantly recurs on the same parts of the face, even when the rest of the face is relatively clear?

Are there certain pimples that recur on the same exact spot on your face repeatedly?

Have you went for other conventional acne treatments with some success, but noticed the acne return again or worsen once you have stopped the treatment?

Do you have special requirements like rosacea or pregnancy which make you an unsuitable candidate for traditional acne treatments?

Do you prefer to be using acne creams for a long-term period, or rather invest in a treatment that will cut down your need for creams and continued treatments for acne?

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AGNES treatment tackles the root problem of acne by selectively targeting the acne prone follicles and hyperactive sebaceous glands on the face. When the oil glands are overactive, pores become clogged with excess sebum in combination with dead skin cells, debris and other impurities that will cause acne.

Our doctor will examine your face up-close using a magnifier to locate all the pores on your face that are blocked and damaged. The AGNES machine comes with insulated micro-needles and a very fine wire that delivers a tiny electrical current or radiofrequency energy with precision on the treated area. When the offending sebaceous glands are destroyed, the size of the gland is reduced which means lesser oil produced. No oil means there is no blockage, so the pores do not get clogged and inflamed! Hence, pimples will not develop!

With over 18 years of experience in acne treatment, The Clifford Clinic in Singapore has garnered substantial knowledge on all acne related conditions so patients can find a solution to their acne woes and reclaim their self-confidence. Our doctors are trained and highly equipped to carry out this process, which may be tedious and time-consuming as the size of the pores are very tiny. A full face session may be completed within 30 minutes, depending on the condition of the patient’s skin. After the treatment, it is common to experience redness on the face for a day. On the next day, a second session is necessary for our therapist to extract the dead skin cells from the pores without any pain or discomfort.

After the first treatment session, there is usually a decrease of 50% to 70% of acne breakouts. After the third session, up to 90% clearance of the skin can be seen. There may be variation as the numbers differ from one patient to the other. Occasionally, a small touch up session may be required after a year. Since the targeted areas are dealt with directly, it is unlikely for acne to recur, making AGNES treatment an effective, permanent cure for acne patients in Singapore.

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