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Acne Treatment Singapore - Strategies

At The Clifford Clinic, we have been refining our acne treatment strategies over our 18 years of experience in treating acne.

Our years of experience in acne treatment in Singapore have led us to develop unique sets of acne treatment protocols. These are significantly different from traditional methods of acne treatment employed by beauticians and other doctors.  These protocols are a result of our constant hunger for knowledge and research into different ways of treating acne.

To date, we have at our disposal 10 different treatment technologies and a wide range of skincare, creams and oral medications for treating acne.

Confused already?  Why not consult our expert doctors Dr Chow Yuen Ho and Dr Gerard Ee, who have invested a majority of their time treating acne and related problems.  They will be able to tailor a simple to follow, safe, effective and lasting treatment protocol that uniquely suits your skin condition.

Acne Treatment Singapore - Options

Step 1 - Facial Treatments

Controlling inflammation is key with the right combination of medications and skincare especially for comedogenic skin. We employ a number of treatment strategies to control inflammation.

Congestion, blackheads and whiteheads are removed using Hydrafacial a medical grade facial, to achieve better acne control. Hydrafacial is an award winning technology which uses vortex cleansing to deep cleanse pores and remove micro-blockages.  If untreated, these micro-blockages usually progress to full blown acne and pimples.  By preventing pores from getting blocked in the first place, acne is better controlled with the Hydrafacial.

Our hydrafacial is combined with Alphalight, a treatment which employs photodynamic therapy to kill deep seated bacteria.  With this treatment, patients often notice immediate reduction of redness and inflammation after one treatment.  Between 5-10 treatments are needed to clear up the whole face.

Step 2 - Laser Treatments

Laser treatments affect acne in many ways.  Lasers target porphyrins, produced naturally by the bacteria that produces acne called P. acnes. IN addition, lasers of different wavelengths can target the excessive blood vessels around the inflammed areas, and also the pigmentation left behind after the inflammation.

For acne treatment, the Q-switched laser and the Vbeam lasers are excellent no-downtime options.  The latest treatment available includes the use of diode laser especially for the treatment of back acne.

Step 3 - Selective Follicle Treatment

One of the latest advancements in acne treatment is AGNES, which selectively shrinks sebaceous glands to cure recurrent acne. AGNES is commonly used in Korea and Dr Chow Yuen Ho and Dr Gerard Ee are the pioneer doctors to introduce AGNES to Singapore.

As the pioneering clinic for AGNES in Singapore, The Clifford Clinic has developed a proven safety record and effective acne protocol.  This protocol permanently resolves cases of adult acne and stubborn acne that defies normal treatments.

Step 4 - Topical and Oral Therapy

Because you cannot be doing in-clinic acne treatments every day, we need to ensure that your skincare regimen is well balanced for your individual skin type.  Using a range of clinic prescribed skincare will ensure that oil control is achieved, without excessive dryness.

Frequently, acne prone skin is deficient in two types of free fatty acids, namely linoleic and linolenic acid.  To replenish this, our oil glands secrete sebum, which contains excessive oily substances, hence making the skin too oily.  Our signature Clifford Balancing Cream restores the levels of these missing free fatty acids without excessive oiliness.  Our range of acne treatment skincare is used selectively to help you maintain an optimal balance of hydration on your skin, while controlling acne and pimples.

We also have a wide range of supplements and medications the we employ to different degrees in order to control bacteria overgrowth and excessive oiliness of the skin.

Acne Scar Treatment Options

Pigmented (dark scars)

Laser and a combination of lightening agents are used to gradually lighten these scars without causing any downtime.

Depressed scars

Depressed scars are made shallower using fractional CO2 laser to break down scar fibres, promote collagen regeneration and shrink pores.

Severely depressed acne scars

Such scars benefit from more intense treatments like Infini Fractional Radioquency
for faster results.

Fractional Radiofrequency Treatment – Infini:

This is the single best treatment for very deep acne scars. The depth of treatment can be up to 3.5mm deep, and it has the added advantage of lifting the face, making you look younger. This treatment will provide significant improvements to your skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment:

This treatment is ideal for depressed acne scars, and has a depth of up to 1.5mm deep. It will make your skin fairer and give it a radiant glow. It is also a great option for those who are budget conscious.

Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser:

This treatment excels at lightening pigmented and vascular scars. Scars are often purple or brown, but once they are effectively lightened with the laser, the skin looks noticeably clearer with a nice glow and smoothness. It also has the added benefit of having no downtime and induces minimal pain.

Scar lightening peels and creams:

This treatment uses a combination of peels and creams that can lighten scars and promote healing. It also includes the use of Cosmelan to lighten pigmented acne scars.

Subcision and Fillers:

For very deep scars, we use subcision to free the scars deep attachments and add some filler to get an immediate lifting of the scar. But with needle subcision, we use a fine needle that goes under the scar to break up the tight collagen bands under the skin. This option should only be used selectively.

Doctors with over 10 years of experience

The Doctors at the Clifford clinic has over 10 years of experience in aesthetic surgery procedures. Rest assured that you are in safe hands. We have hundreds of patients just like you who came to us, all leaving satisfied and happy with their results.

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Our acne treatment plan involves not only eliminating your acne problems, but also the scarring that comes with it. We invite you to book a consultation with us to discuss how we can remove your acne problems for good. Just imagine a flawless face with no signs of acne or scarring.

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