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A Race Against Time: 5 Unknown Facts About Rejuran Healer

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A Race Against Time: 5 Unknown Facts About Rejuran Healer

Everyone desires to look and stay young, but we all know that aging is an inevitable process of life.

Starting as early as our mid 20s, our skin starts to sag and lose its elasticity as we grow older – which is further exacerbated when exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays, pollution and stress on a daily basis.

Even if you are already investing in an arsenal of skincare products, and following a strict diet and workout routine – it might not be enough to correct the damage being done at the deeper layers of your skin. 

However; salmon sperm, or milt is looking to change all that.

Yes, you heard that right. Termed as a miracle product by Japanese researchers, what they discovered was that salmon DNA has the potential to perform deep, cellular repair to treat a variety of skin issues – including hard-to-treat cystic acne, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation.

This finally led to the development of Rejuran Healer– an innovative, skin-healing treatment from Korea that encourages the skin to heal and repair itself from the inside out.

What is Rejuran Healer?

Approved by the Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in 2018, Rejuranhas quickly become one of the most sought-after treatments in the country – especially since the rise of “regenerative medicine” as a skincare trend.

A type of injectable that contains the active ingredient polynucleotides (PN), or polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) – it offers amazing wound-healing capabilities that stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, a type of cell that triggers collagen production in the skin and replaces old, damaged cells for new ones.

Rejuran also activates the skin to produce more hyaluronic acid and collagen to help with hydration and elasticity. As a result of its “regenerative” effects, fine lines and wrinkles are filled, and the skin’s barrier is now stronger and thicker. With time, it also supports the lightening of acne scars as well.

Curious to know more about this fascinating treatment? Here are 5 unknown facts about Rejuran Healer that you should definitely know about before starting your treatment! 

#1: It’s key ingredient? Salmon sperm.

We know what you are thinking, and don’t worry – the salmon DNA that is used in Rejuran is first put through a strict purification process to transform it into a stable and more concentrated solution that is safe to use on humans.

The main reason that salmon DNA is so powerful is that it promotes blood vessel growth, which is essential for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients that cells need in order to grow and repair itself.

There have been multiple studies done to back these claims – a 2010 study found that rubbing salmon DNA onto male subjects resulted in improved skin elasticity, hydration and texture in just 1 month after use! Another study published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science also found similar results.

While these studies weren’t specifically measuring for anti-aging effects, the results are positive nevertheless

#2: It has multiple skin benefits and uses.

Since Rejuran acts as a healing agent, it is able to treat a whole list of other skin conditions including eczema, deep-set acne scars, dark eye circles, melasma, and stretch marks!

It also provides skin brightening effects, and with salmon DNA now being tested as a sunscreen – the promise of Rejuran as an anti-aging solution is definitely underrated. 

#3: It is VERY DIFFERENT from injections, fillers and other laser treatments.

What makes Rejuran so special is that no other injectable on the market to date has been able to possess healing capabilities of the skin.

Rather than cosmetically mask or temporarily resolve a problem, Rejuran works deep down in the dermis to gradually improve the biological condition of damaged cells to reveal the radiant, glowing skin that is already within you.

In addition, Rejuran is different from the typical acne scar laser treatment– rather than repeatedly inflicting controlled, minor injuries on already damaged tissues, Rejuran promotes healing on the cellular level, regardless of whether or not the skin is healthy. This makes it an overall more effective solution for all skin types.

Rather than simply using Rejuran on its own, we often recommend our customers to combine other laser treatments such as INFINI for a more robust, comprehensive solution. Rejuran also works well when used in conjunction with Q-switch and C02 laser treatments – which has been shown to shorten recovery time by up to 50%, as well as provide post-treatment hydration.

#4: It is best used in combination with Skinboosters.

While Restylane Skinboosters used to rule the area of skin rejuvenation, it is now slowly being replaced by Rejuran – with the latter offering faster healing and anti-inflammation properties.

While they are often confused and compared with one another, none is actually better than the other. In actual fact, they both own different key ingredients and functions.

Simply put, Rejuran is the more potent anti-aging solution, while Restylane Skinboosters helps to provide more intense hydration to the skin. For best results, we are able to combine both mixtures together to be administered simultaneously!

#5: It is NOT a quick fix, but the results are worth it.

Rejuran may help to reverse time, but it also needs some to work its magic – you will likely need to schedule 3–4 sessions, followed by maintenance treatment sessions to reap the benefits for years to come.

While there is a small price to pay in terms of pain, we offer numbing cream to all our customers to try and make the process as comfortable as possible. The treatment process takes just 10 minutes, and our customers are always pleased and surprised with their results!

If you are starting to notice the first signs of aging – this is actually the best time to start your treatment. At The Clifford Clinic, we offer a whole range of other solutions such as mole removal and hair loss treatment as well!

There is definitely nothing fishy going on – with new and better skincare discoveries being made every day, it looks like the search for the elixir of youth might actually end much sooner than we think.