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A Guide To Getting Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back With Z-Lipo

A Guide To Getting Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back With Z-Lipo

A Guide To Getting Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back With Z-Lipo

For most women, parenthood is a thrilling and rewarding journey. However, pregnancy can often have unfavorable side effects that no amount of diet or personal training can correct. These are most commonly manifested as a flabby tummy and sagging breasts.

What happens to your body after pregnancy?

According to a survey conducted by Baby Center, one of the world’s top pregnancy and parenting forums, 87 percent of women never feel their bodies return to normal after giving birth. Even if they lose weight, their clothing no longer fits the same.

It is no secret that one of the most difficult fats to lose is belly fat. Even competent fitness trainers will tell you that completing countless crunches per day and other target workouts will not help since your body does not choose where it burns fat. Even ladies who exercise three or more times per week will have to wait for a long time to see any type of substantial abdominal toning.

Granted, embracing the ‘baby belly’ is something that should be appreciated. But the truth is, not every woman favors a loose stomach. Unfortunately, it requires some time and patience for the body to heal completely following pregnancy. The postpartum belly will not quickly return to its pre-pregnancy shape – it is a process that could take several months or even years. Some stomachs may even permanently alter their shape. While moms frequently struggle to shed the fat that has accumulated on their waist and abdomen, who’s to say the problem cannot be solved quicker?

How does one burn off their ‘baby belly’ fat safely?

Take comfort, moms, for you can still regain your pre-pregnancy figure with The Clifford Clinic! Our Z-Lipo treatment is all you need, combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Z-Lipo works by breaking down fat cells and exposing them to brief, safe bursts of low temperature. The particles are then naturally flushed out by your body. This solid technology has been clinically confirmed to be effective and safe as well as utilized across the globe.

Getting rid of your ‘baby belly’ fat with Z-Lipo

The treatment begins with a specially designed applicator being placed on specific problem regions such as the arms, belly, or thighs. The applicator is then precisely engineered to chill and freeze the fat cells at a certain temperature. Usually, it is between 4 to 9 degrees Celsius below average body temperature. At this temperature, extra fat cells freeze while blood remains liquid. This minimizes harm to nearby tissues while maximizing the treatment’s efficacy.

When these fat cells are damaged, the body’s natural immunity kicks in to clean them out. They are either permanently removed or reabsorbed by the body and used for energy over the next month.

  • Treatment sessions needed

The results of Z-Lipo are evident from the very first session. According to our review, patients often require 2 to 3 treatment sessions on average per area. For the best results, our doctors normally advise our patients to wait for a good 8 to 12 weeks between treatments.

However, it ultimately depends on:

Your expectations and goals

The amount of fat reduction required

How your body reacts to the treatment

  • Pain levels and side effects

The treatment will feel similar to a ‘pull and tug’ owing to the suction action of the Z-Lipo machine. On average, patients tend to describe the pain level as mild. In fact, most of them found it pleasant enough to read or do work on their laptops.

Side effects are typically minor. Post-procedure, patients might experience tenderness and slight bruising in the treated region. This usually heals within a week.

  • Effectiveness of Z-Lipo

With its two proprietary applicators, Z-Lipo offers a significant edge compared to the cryolipolysis treatment system. Z-lipo allows our doctors to target two locations at once. This essentially means that we can cut the time it takes to complete treatment with Z-Lipo in half!

As a third-generation sculpting therapy, its protocol has been dramatically enhanced to include a specialized suction massage that is engaged during treatment. This helps lessen the patient’s discomfort levels during and after the treatment. Additionally, it ensures appropriate blood circulation to the targeted locations. Furthermore, the massage aids in the breakdown of frozen fat cells, resulting in excellent results.

Get the ultimate mummy makeover @ The Clifford Clinic

Every treatment plan at The Clifford Clinic is unique to each patient. Have peace of mind knowing that Z-Lipo is exceptionally successful in removing stubborn pockets of fat for your new, pre-pregnancy look. If you are seeking treatments to lose weight or want to address other issues such as unsightly stretch marks, sagging breasts, or safe acne treatments in Singapore, our experienced doctors can design a plan that is tailored to your specific requirements.

As a reputable aesthetic clinic providing a plethora of services such as reliable hair transplants in Singapore, The Clifford Clinic is ready to serve your needs and help you attain the pre-pregnancy appearance you desire. Contact us today to learn more about what you can do to regain your pre-pregnancy figure.