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A Comprehensive Guide To Fotona 4D: What It Is & How It Works

A Comprehensive Guide To Fotona 4D: What It Is & How It Works

A Comprehensive Guide To Fotona 4D: What It Is & How It Works

Just as you have heard of 4D and 6D techniques in eye brow embroidery, it is unfortunate that these poorly defined and beauty salon style of naming has gone into the field of aesthetics, with some aesthetic clinics calling a Fotona 4D-laser a 6D-laser, confusing the public in the process. What then exactly is a Fotona 4D laser and why are some aesthetic clinics using these marketing techniques that are usually used in eyebrow embroidery, trying to sell a Fotona 6D laser when 6D doesn’t even exist in the first place.

Fotona4D®is essentially a type of laser with 4 different modes: SMOOTH®, FRAC3®, PIANO® and Superficial™. These 4 different modes have a specific layer of skin that they work on separately. Essentially, they work together on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures of the skin, while simultaneously targeting different skin imperfections.

What is Fotona 4D exactly?

Fotona4D is invented by the Fotona company. Since 1964, Fotona has been involved in the laser industry, developing laser devices for various industries including defence, optical communications, industrial, dental and of course, medical applications.  It is a company with an international profile. It is based in Europe with regional subsidiaries in the US, China, France, and Germany.

Fotona 4D, is of course, developed by Fotona. Fotona4D is branded as a way for non-invasive laser face lifting. The 4D refers to “4 Dimensions” and it involves for 4 steps.

The classic protocol of Fotona4D involves the following:

1D Step 1: SmoothLiftin™
Fotona4D® starts inside the mouth, where laser energy is used to immediately kick start the tightening process around the jawline and perioral region. This step will also reduce expression lines like the nasolabial folds and wrinkles, much like a filler, but naturally.

2D Step 2: FRAC3®
Next, to complement the intraoral treatment, deeper imperfections (like deep lines) and pigments are precisely targeted to restore a youthful texture and more uniform overall complexion.

3D Step 3: PIANO®
In step three, a brushing technique is used to safely and rapidly apply heating to create an overall tightening effect, resulting in more firm and lifted skin.

4D Step 4: SupErficial™
Lastly, a light laser peel is done to improve the appearance of the skin and address surface-level imperfections.

Through this protocol, tightening and rejuvenation of the skin is achieved, without the need for surgery or anaesthesia. The protocol as mentioned above can be found direcly on official website of Fotona. As shown, there is no mention of 5D or 6D. So how did 5D or 6D come about?

What is 5D or 6D Fotona then?

Using the apparatus from the steps involved, they are targeted at additional parts of the body. While 4D targets the whole face as well as the front of the neck, 5D involves typically the additional steps of the back of the neck as well as the hairline. It is believed that by tightening the skin at the frontal hairline, it can achieve a lifting effect on the eyebrows. Also, by tightening the skin at the back of the neck, it is believed that it can help to stretch and tighten up the skin at the front also.

Essentially, 5D involves the use of one of the Fotona4D laser system to target another area of the body, that is not originally part of the Fotona4D protocol. While the theory may appear sound and seems creative, it was not part of the original protocol that the company devised when they first invented Fotona4D.  Also, 5D could have been called Fotona 4D plus or Fotona 4D ultra, instead of being labelled and marketed as 5D.

Soon enough, with such a naming system, clinics in Singapore and around the world would begin calling their Fotona4D to be a Fotona6D and Fotona7D and by doing an internet search, a Fotona8D can even be found in Hong Kong. Again, the extra addition of the number usually involves using one of the original 4 laser systems in Fotona 4D to use on another area of the body. At this rate, it will not be surprising to eventually find a clinic that offers Fotona9D or even Fotona 10D.

The appeal of such a naming system is obvious. Patients will naturally feel that the bigger the number, the more developed the laser system is, as though there has been lots of new research and development that go into it. However, in reality, it is just using the laser system to target another area that the original 4D-protocol does not dictate.

While innovative use of existing laser systems is commendable, there could have been clearer and better communication of what the laser systems entail and why the naming as such. Or else, patients may often misunderstand that it is something new entirely or an even more advanced version of the original machine.

What else besides Fotona 4D?

There are other technologies available to help achieve lifting and tightening of the face.

THERMAGE is one such technology. It is invented in the US. It utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate collagen production to achieve tightening and in the process, achieve gentle lifting of the face. It is a common misconception that it only works well in Caucasian patients. While first invented in USA, THERMAGE can work as well in patients of Asian origin.

HIFU is also another technology. HIFU utilizes ultrasound to stimulate collagen production. It usually requires several sessions to see results. Depending on the brand of HIFU, there can either be some pain or no pain at all.

Threadlift or surgical facelift is also another option. They tend to produce the most drastic results in terms of lifting. However, there is considerable downtime involved for such procedures.

In conclusion, there are various ways to achieve lifting. Each has its own pros and cons. It will be best to speak to a medical professional to evaluate all the options available. Here at The Clifford Clinic, our experienced doctors are committed to helping you achieve your desired results, no matter the treatment you opt for. We offer a myriad of treatments including skin rejuvenation, nose threadlift, acne treatment in Singapore and more.