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5 Professional Procedures You May Consider For Thinning Hair

5 Professional Procedures You May Consider For Thinning Hair

5 Professional Procedures You May Consider For Thinning Hair

When we think about hair loss, the first image that comes to mind is usually of a middle-aged man with visible bald spots on his head. However, oftentimes, signs of thinning hair may be as simple as noticing a considerable amount of hair being left on the comb after brushing through one’s hair, or a ponytail that looks and feels lighter.

Hair loss is something that affects more people than we may think. It is where the cycle of hair shedding and growth is disrupted. Sometimes, the hair follicle may also be damaged, which prevents the new hair from growing.

If you are suffering from thinning hair, fret not, as there are various treatments available that may help reverse the damage. Here are 5 professional procedures offered by The Clifford Clinic that you may consider:

1. Hair Growth Laser

You have probably heard of laser acne removal in Singapore, but did you know that laser may be used on the hair as well?

A laser hair treatment called Laser Hair Rejuvenation induces the hair follicles to enter the anagen phase. The anagen phase is where active growth takes place – the roots will divide rapidly which would increase the length of the hair shaft. Compared to what the hair follicles could naturally produce on their own, the laser stimulates the scalp and encourages the growth of thicker, stronger hair.

However, it is worth noting that this treatment works best for early stages of hair loss. For those with severe cases of hair loss, it would be better to opt for a hair transplant in Singapore.

2. Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment

The health of your hair follicles and hair is directly correlated with the condition of your scalp. Poor scalp health and issues such as clogged hair follicles, dry and flaky skin and more, may cause thinning hair or unexpected hair loss.

The Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment is a 3-step scalp and hair treatment that combines Hydrafacial’s patented Vortex Technology with Keravive Peptide Complex Solution to deeply nourish the hair follicles while cleansing and hydrating the scalp.

The best part? This non-invasive treatment is suitable for all hair and scalp types, and is proven to be effective in treating male or female-pattern baldness.

3. Regenera Activa Hair Transplant

With the help of capillary regeneration technology, Regenera Activa is a novel hair revitalization technique that can help to stop hair loss and encourage hair growth. The procedure efficiently combats, delays, and prevents hair loss by stimulating the body’s natural regenerating process with hair follicles taken from the patient’s own scalp.

In essence, Regenera Activa works to reawaken hair follicles and activate dormant cells beneath the scalp. The procedure allows the hair follicles to resume their regular growth cycle, which promotes healthier and denser hair growth. It is perfect for individuals who are looking to get a hair transplant without going under the knife!

4. Bellasonic Treatment

Bellasonic is one of the most recent technologies that was directly imported from South Korea. It is an ultrasound therapy tool primarily used to promote skin cell renewal, which includes the cells involved in hair development!

Bellasonic penetrates the skin with high-frequency ultrasound of 1–10 MHz. molecules like glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and heat shock proteins (HSPs), which are linked to regenerative processes, are stimulated by ultrasound. This treatment may also increase blood flow and oxygenation to the treated areas to significantly accelerate hair growth and reduce hair loss!

5. FUE Hair Transplant

Individual follicular units are extracted one at a time using a process called follicular unit extraction (FUE). There are usually 2 to 3 strands of hair per follicular unit. The most significant benefit of FUE over other hair transplant techniques is the reduced visibility of scarring.

Additionally, FUE often requires less time to recuperate from than other procedures. In fact, the majority of FUE patients resume their regular activities the day after their surgery. Follicle units can also be removed from other body parts using FUE. For some patients, hair transplants from the arms, legs, chest, and back are their best and only alternative.

Say goodbye to thinning hair for good with The Clifford Clinic

If you are suffering from thinning hair, know that you are not alone and that there are treatments available that may help massively! Be sure to keep in mind these factors when choosing a hair transplant clinic.

The Clifford Clinic strives to be a leading aesthetic clinic in the country with our minimally-invasive yet effective treatments. Our team of certified doctors have years of experience under their belt and are committed to providing you with long-lasting results that you are satisfied with. Besides hair thinning treatments, we also offer a plethora of services, including one of the best acne treatment in Singapore.

So, what are you waiting for? Take charge of your hair and say goodbye to thinning hair by booking an appointment with us today!