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3 Must-Know Ways To Prevent Your Hands From Revealing Your Age

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3 Must-Know Ways To Prevent Your Hands From Revealing Your Age

Our hands are part of how we interact with the world around us and they also give people a good impression when we greet them with a handshake. However, many still forget about including their hands in their anti-ageing routine. You may have spent time and money on rejuvenating your face and reducing the signs of ageing, but the wrinkly, crepe-like skin texture can easily reveal your age.

There are other signs of ageing on your hands too such as age spots, wrinkles, loose skin, prominent veins and tendons. Reverse the clock on your hands with hand rejuvenation treatments from aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

Daily Ageing Prevention

From washing with harsh detergents to the exposure to the sun’s UV rays, your daily activities can take its toll on the skin surface of your hands. The first step to stop the signs of ageing is using a sunblock. Remember to apply it generously on your hands and forearms too aside from your face. This can help to delay the photo-ageing affects and reduce pigmentation on your hands and arms.

Moisturizing is another important step for your hands to ensure the skin remains soft and supple, and slows down the onset of wrinkles. The skin creams for your face are also suitable to be applied on the backs of your hands, but if you need more intensive moisture, a dedicated hand moisturizer will work. There are also creams which contain whitening ingredients that are useful for targeting pigmentation and create a more even skin tone on your hands.

There are aesthetic treatments that can be performed to rejuvenate your hands and turn back some of the telltale signs of ageing.


Fillers are useful if you have saggy skin with obvious tendons and veins on your hands. They are easy procedures with minimal pain and produce natural results.

• Restylane Vital is a light form of hyaluronic gel that is similarly produced by the body. This gel can plump up the skin and hide tendons and veins, which in turn helps to reduce the appearance of saggy skin and wrinkles.
• Ellanse is a type of non-Hyaluronic Acid filler that helps the body to produce its own collagen, thus restoring lost collagen and volume associated with skin ageing. Results are natural-looking and sustained over a few years.
• Juvederm is an injectable Hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler that adds volume to the tissue, reducing the appearance of wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

Chemical Peels

Peels provide a great way to remove the superficial layers of dead skin and promote stimulation of the skin to produce new collagen. It can be used in conjunction with lasers to achieve silky, smooth skin.


Laser treatments are not only useful for cystic acne and acne marks removal. There are several different laser treatments that can benefit the ageing appearance of your hands.

• Edge Fractional CO2 help to stimulate deep collagen regeneration using the special Edge pulse mode, with minimal downtime and redness.
• Q-switch laser treatment is not only a laser for acne scars, it can also help lighten and reduce the appearance of sun spots and age spots on your hands. Results can be seen after several sessions.
• PICO laser can address a variety of skin concerns on the face, neck and hands including sun spots and hyperpigmentation by breaking them into smaller particles and have them eliminated naturally by the body. A Bubble Lift technology is also utilized through very fine laser beams that cause tiny collagen-filled bubbles to form and provide a lifting effect to the skin.
• With Infini, a patented insulated microneedle system is used to help resurface and rejuvenate the skin on the hand. This treatment also stimulates the production of deep collagen and elastin fibres to reduce the effects of wrinkles and saggy skin.

You can find these hand rejuvenation treatments at The Clifford Clinic, as well as a suite of face treatments such as cystic acne treatment and acne marks treatment. Consult with our doctor and receive recommendations and personalized solutions such as the best acne treatment that is suited to your skin condition. Book an appointment with us today. 

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